Sotiria Vasileiou is a designer and artist that creates works of contemporary jewellery. She graduated from the Technical School of Metalsmiths in Greece, and from the Open University in UK with a BA Honours Degree in Art History .She apprenticed for several years next to top Greek manufacturers, and since 2010 she works in her own line in her studio located in Greece. She approaches jewellery with the concepts of dialogue or interrelation, and innovation.

The dialogue entails an enquiry and examination of cultural evidences of the past with a view of association with contemporary ones .Nature, architecture, and art are sources in this procedure .Nature presents the most perfect samples and forms of divine inspiration. The typical characteristics of harmony, symmetry and uniformity fund foremost in Ancient Greek Architecture are influences that are examined and affect her work. Modern art and the so called ‘purification of form’, the De Stijl movement, and minimalism are also influences for her.

Innovation involves an interest in the creation of new patterns with a respect, and utilization of traditional methods of jewellery craftsmanship. Metalwork thus is exploited in her work with key elements the 3d design, contrasts and bold original design. In other instances she explores unexpected combinations of resin adorned with fibers, and bead embroidery.  Her pieces hence are modern, conceptual and sophisticated with high quality of design and craftsmanship.