A collar necklace with a unique combination of materials.The necklace features brass and hand beaded rubber.Hand fabricated piece with great attention to detail.

Resin earrings inspired from lilies flowers.The earrings are made with brass,resin and black,white rubber.Hand fabricated piece,with attention to detail.Hangs on gold plated hooks.

White Resin Ring

Monday, 05 June 2017

A resin ring inspired by lily flower,symbol of purity and motherhood in Greek ancient mythology.The ring features brass and white resin adorned with a lily like rubber motif.

A resin pendant necklace inspired from lilies flowers.The pendant features brass and white resin adorned with black,white rubber.Hungs on brass chain.

Brass Leather Necklace

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A statement pendant necklace with architectural references,that features a handcrafted brass pendant combined with black suede leather ribbons.

Brass and Leather Necklace

Wednesday, 07 December 2016

A unique pendant necklace with a motif inspired from Greek Ancient Sculpture.A direct interpretation of the Greek Anient draperies expressed through the movement and repetion.Made with brass,black suede cord and oxidized chain.

A modern handcrafted bangle made with brass and resin.

Contemporary necklace featuring brass and resin handmade elements in a balanced combination of forms,textures and colors.

Contemporary necklace that features handmade brass and resin elements in an elegant balanced composition.

Contemporary necklace featuring a modern balanced combination of hand fabricated brass and resin elements.

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