A couture statement necklace influenced by the beauty of the night sky.The Bronze Sky neckpiece is comprised of  black acrylic plexiglass embellished with bronze faceted and black beads.The necklace is backed with black leather and closes with satin adjustable ribbon.Black gauze adds extra volume and a drama effect.



Red Elegance earrings display beading in an interesting combination with acrylic plexiglass.Strong contrasting of colors and materials in an elegant design.Fine leather back cover.

An acrylic modern beaded bracelet featuring a minimal design,with bead embellishement and beautiful contrasts  .The double sided bangle is comprised of acrylic plexiglass,red and transparent glass beads.Handcrafted piece with attention to detail.

Gorgeous black and white beaded neckpiece inspired by the symmetry and balance found in nature. The neckpiece is comprised of acrylic plexiglass embroidered with white glass beads.The necklace is backed with fine black leather ,and closes with adjustable satin ribbon.Great sophistication ,beautiful contrasting of colors and attention to detail.