Sotiria Vasileiou

Sotiria Vasileiou

The Wave Avant Garde Necklace boasts bead embroidery ,3d pattern and detailed making .The Wave Neckpiece is comprised of black acrylic embellised with red glass beads,and processed with 3d patterns.The piece is backed with black leather and closes with an elegant adjustable satin ribbon.An avant garde,extraordinary piece of handcrafted jewelelry.

A handcrafted piece of luxury jewellery ,the Arnorfini Avant Garde Collar is inspired by Renaissance Flemish Art.
It is consisted by black and white acrylic plexiglass ,bead embroidery with red glass beads,and grosgrain adjustable ribbon closure.Elegant 3d design,strong contrasts and attention to detail.

A unique statement neckpiece impressive for its luxury,detailed making and innovative design.The Zen necklace is consisted by acrylic plexiglass embellished with black glass beads.It is covered with black leather at the back and closes with satin black ribbon.

Acrylic necklace featuring an impressive 3d pattern with detailed bead embroidery.The neckpiece is inspired by the movement of the sea, represented in the wave 3d effect that gives a sense of elegance ,volume and drama.

A beautiful avant garde piece of handcrafted jewellery.The Wave earrings are consisted of high quality acrylic embellished with black beads.Innovative technique and 3d pattern that adds extra volume to the earrings.

Handcrafted beaded bracelet with minimal design and combinations of colors.The Eclipse bangle is consisted by acrylic plexiglass embellished with black glass beads.Beautiful simple design and impressive attention to detail.

A gorgeous  handcrafted butterfly neckpiece.The Painted Lady is embellised with a beautiful variety of glass beads on acrylic plexiglass.The neckpiece is backed with black leather and closes with satin black ribbon.Stunning hand beaded piece of jewellery with attention to detail.

A couture statement necklace influenced by the beauty of the night sky.The Bronze Sky neckpiece is comprised of  black acrylic plexiglass embellished with bronze faceted and black beads.The necklace is backed with black leather and closes with satin adjustable ribbon.Black gauze adds extra volume and a drama effect.



Red Elegance earrings display beading in an interesting combination with acrylic plexiglass.Strong contrasting of colors and materials in an elegant design.Fine leather back cover.

A beautiful neckpiece inspired by Flemish Renaissance costumes and painting.The necklace is consisted by black acrylic plexiglass embelished with red glass beads.Elegant design ,hand beaded piece,attention to detail.