Brass Bar Bracelet

Contemporary bracelet featuring an impressive detailed pattern with brass,and tied to black cord.

Brass Tassel Necklace

A lightweight necklace features handcrafted brass elements and silk blue cord.

Brass Bar Necklace

Handcrafted brass bar necklace featuring a unique combination of brass bars and suspended from brass chain.Oxidation gives a beautiful contrast of colors and textures.

Brass Ball Contemporary Necklace

A lightweight,handcrafted necklace that features a brass handcrafted ball,oxidised brass wire and sterling silver oxidized chain.

Brass Tube Necklace

A unique ,minimalist necklace featuring a brass handcrafed spiral tube.Oxidation to the tube and the chain gives an elegant contrast of colors and textures.

Brass Tube Earrings

Unique modern earrings featuring handcrafted brass elemnets in a combination of a 3d pattern,movement and simplicity.

Cold Contemporary Necklace

A very unique piece that consists of strong geometrical forms,contrasts and bold elements.The necklace features a brass handcrafted tube,a brass oxidized bar and black cord.

Brass Tube V Necklace

A very unique contemporary necklace featuring a minimalist 3d modern pattern.The necklace is made by small handcrafted pieces of brass wire and black silk cord.

Brass Tube Necklace

A handcrafted pendant necklace comprised by brass and satin black ribbon.

Brass Pendant Necklace

A very unique brass pendant necklace with a beautiful abstract design.The necklace is made with a handcrafted brass pendant and silver oxidized chain.

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